Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Surprise

Well, I had to go back to the stinky VET today (although it's been pointed out that I'M actually the stinky one who smells like rotten tuna, whatever...) for a weigh-in and GREAT NEWS, I've gained 3 ounces. It's only been two weeks since my surgery so this is wunnerful, Mommy says I've been eating like a piglet since the surgery. I'll have to take her word for it since I've never seen a piglet. I wonder if they look like my brother Pippin? While we were there they decided to take some blood and check my hemoglobin, it was AWFUL and NASTY and STINKY and they POKED me with needles. I was very disappointed by Zelda in particular, she's not supposed to do bad things to me...she calls me her Squishy and says she loves me! Lies, all lies... While I was waiting for the results and recovering from my trauma I decided to hide in Tang the clinic cat's tree house but he got very angry and kept glaring at me. Some days you can't win... But then Dr. McDonald came out and said my hemoglobin has improved a bit which made Mommy very happy so I don't think Dr. McDonald is stinky anymore, I quite like her.

Tonight Mommy's friend Stacy is frowing me a Princess Party fundraiser tonight, sadly I can't go as it's in a pub and they don't allow animals. How rude! However to be honest I'd rather stay home and snooze...


  1. For the record, I do love Tasha (aka Squishee). I'm sorry if the needle poke was stressful, next time I'll have some Tuna ready for after. Z.

  2. Do we think tuna is wise? Considering it gets stuck in my ears and between my toes? It's OK, I still love you Auntie Z...